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Power Electronics R&D

Converdan’s engineers are masters of all disciplines in power electronics product development. We hand-pick the best talent in the field and help our staff continuously to grow their abilities in an atmosphere that’s as much like as university campus as a busy company ever can be. Our team’s competencies cover every type of power electronics technology ranging from 1 watt switch mode powers supplies and motor controllers to high power uninterruptible power supplies and inverters in the megawatt range.

Getting products right at the design phase is critical. Once a product has been put into production, no more than 5-10 % of the cost base can be changed. Power electronics design is tricky, with many pitfalls for generalist electronics engineers and even brilliant engineers whose specialty is elsewhere. Countless product launches have been delayed by having to re-think design decisions about power, not to mention product recalls and product liability. Our highly experienced team can cut your project’s time to market and reduce your business risks when you take advantage of our passion for power electronics.

What are the advantages?

Using a platform based project model, offers a wide range of advantages compared to traditional ways of product development for low to medium volume customized products:

Fully industrialized design from day-one ensures:

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