Product Development

Power Electronics R&D

Converdan’s engineers are masters of all disciplines within power electronics product development.

The team is highly experienced in design, qualification and testing of virtually any type of power electronics product. From 1-watt switch mode power supplies (SMPS) and motor controllers to high power UPS and inverter designs well into the megawatt range.


Converter Control



EMC & Safety

Project Management

Platform based product development reduces project costs by up to 75 %

Once a product has been put into production, no more than 5-10 % of the cost base can be changed. The design has been cast in concrete, and cost reductions can only be effectively achieved by costly re-engineering efforts.

Realizing that typically 80-90 % of all product features like cost, quality, lead times etc. are determined by decisions made during the engineering phases, it becomes apparent that work in these project phases should be very thorough and cover all important aspects.

Unfortunately, all this adds significantly to project cost and will increase time-to-market. To experienced product managers and engineers alike, there has always been a trade-off between low project costs and low product costs – but this changes with a Converdan partnership.

What are the advantages?

Using a platform based project model, offers a wide range of advantages compared to traditional ways of product development for low to medium volume customized products:

  • Very short time to market
  • Low business risks
  • Cross-product pooling of components and strategic inventory yields lower prices and improved availability
  • Field-proven and trusted technology
  • Research into new technologies is not required to maintain a leading position

Fully industrialized design from day-one ensures:

  • High product quality
  • Lean manufacturing
  • No specialized test and burn equipment required
  • Product lifecycle management at a fraction of the cost

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