Converdan offers lines of ready-to-go power electronics modules that are highly developed and ultra-reliable. When it is not necessary to call upon Converdan’s special strength in custom-designed solutions, our modules can deliver very rapid and cost-effective results.

Converdan’s battery chargers, converters and control modules are our own designs. They use generic hardware, control algorithms and software building blocks yet they are by no means the same thing as other modules on the market that might have the same function and claimed specification. We have spent more than ten years refining our modules using all of our specialist expertise, and that gives our modules quality and reliability in depth.

We will ensure that our client receives a module that meets the specification and really delivers the specification in difficult environments, and with attention to the details that other suppliers of power electronics modules might not even know exist. That’s how Converdan’s passion for power electronics works to control your business risks and get you to market faster, at lower cost.

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