Converdan offers lines of ready-to-go power electronics modules that are highly developed and ultra-reliable. When it is not necessary to call upon Converdan’s special strength in custom-designed solutions, our modules can deliver very rapid and cost-effective results.

Converdan’s battery chargers, converters and control modules are our own designs. They use generic hardware, control algorithms and software building blocks yet they are by no means the same thing as other modules on the market that might have the same function and claimed specification. We have spent more than ten years refining our modules using all of our specialist expertise, and that gives our modules quality and reliability in depth.

We will ensure that our client receives a module that meets the specification and really delivers the specification in difficult environments, and with attention to the details that other suppliers of power electronics modules might not even know exist. That’s how Converdan’s passion for power electronics works to control your business risks and get you to market faster, at lower cost.

Battery Chargers

Converdan Charger

With battery technology evolving at an incredible pace there are opportunities to improve the function of products and even create new product categories. But the newer cell chemistries demand sophisticated charging methods to optimize battery lifetime and safely handle the remarkable energy density they can deliver. Converdan's engineers can provide the in-depth expertise needed for this humble but critical part of your design.


Converdan Converter

Power converters are the beating heart of Converdan's passion for Power Electronics because the technology goes much deeper than textbook design. Everything is critical: environmental factors, box-build, thermal design, and, most importantly, the interaction of the converter with your own equipment in its startup, running, shutdown and special conditions. High-reliability converters are a tricky job for real specialists - that's Converdan.

Control Modules

Converdan Control Module

Converter control modules are a part of Converdan's heritage of experience in providing digital power and control solutions to demanding OEM customers. Applying our control module to your new design is extremely easy and allows accelerated time to market. The high level of system integration makes Converdan control modules a perfect choice regardless of the voltage and current levels employed in your specific design.

Platform based product development reduces project costs by up to 75 %

Once a product has been put into production, no more than 5-10 % of the cost base can be changed. The design has been cast in concrete, and cost reductions can only be effectively achieved by costly re-engineering efforts.

Realizing that typically 80-90 % of all product features like cost, quality, lead times etc. are determined by decisions made during the engineering phases, it becomes apparent that work in these project phases should be very thorough and cover all important aspects.

Unfortunately, all this adds significantly to project cost and will increase time-to-market. To experienced product managers and engineers alike, there has always been a trade-off between low project costs and low product costs – but this changes with a Converdan partnership.

Using a platform based project model, offers a wide range of advantages compared to traditional ways of product development for low to medium volume customized products:

What are the advantages?

Using a platform based project model, offers a wide range of advantages compared to traditional ways of product development for low to medium volume customized products:

Fully industrialized design from day-one ensures:

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