How your team works with Converdan’s is up to you

Converdan does not simply sell products and services. We have a cooperative culture that allows our customers to design their relationship with us and make the most of our experienced professionals and our first-class facilities for development, testing and manufacturing.

Many ways of working to match your requirements:

  • Platform based product development
    Our unique technology platforms, are based on generic hardware, converter control algorithms and software building blocks. The platforms have been developed and refined over more than 10 years, which allows us to develop products that match your specific requirements, with a minimum of effort.

  • Consulting services
    Our consultants join your team within your organisation, solving specific project tasks or as a long-term strategic member of your team.

  • In-house projects
    Converdan carries out full projects or individual tasks for customers at our own offices. We have lengthy experience in matching expectations precisely, and use proven project tools to achieve predictable project outcomes. 

  • Turnkey projects
    Converdan carries out all project tasks and delivers a prototype or finished product as per our agreement.


Fully industrialized design from day-one ensures:

Work flow - product development to manufacturing

The Converdan project management model

Sales flow from initial contact to delivery and after sales support

1. Initial Contact: 
Introduction of Converdan and exchange of information about project, intended application, timeline and required product adaptations.

2. Solution Presentation and Proposal:
Development and presentation of a tailored solution that addresses your needs outlining the scope of work, pricing, timeline and terms.

3. Negotiation and Agreement:
Negotiation of terms and conditions and finalization of the contract.

4. Project Planning and Execution:
Development of a detailed project plan outlining tasks, milestones, and responsibilities followed by regular communication to keep you informed of progress and any potential deviations from the plan.

5. Monitoring and Control:
– Monitoring of project progress to ensure it stays on track and within budget.
– Addressing issues or risks to prevent delays or cost overruns. 

6. Delivery and Acceptance:
Delivering the project according to the agreed-upon specifications and timeline.
– Obtaining acceptance. 
– Resolving outstanding issues or concerns before closing the project.

7. Post-Sales Support:
– Providing ongoing support and assistance post-project delivery.
– Soliciting feedback to identify areas for improvement and opportunities for future collaboration.

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