Case Study: Inverters for wind turbines, Orbital A/S

Orbital develops inverters for wind turbines in collaboration with Converdan

Our customer Orbital specializes in developing and manufacturing control, measurement and testing systems for onshore wind turbines, off-grid solutions, battery storage and automation in the field of agriculture, as well as electronic components for machine builders.

Orbital technology is used for various industrial applications, and we offer our customers a wide range of tailor-made products, mainly for producing and controlling green energy.” says Niels Hansen, CEO of Orbital.

Today, more than 8,500 Orbital control systems are operating all over the world.

Development of high-quality customer tailored power electronics
Converdan delivers modern power electronics solutions for Orbital; grid inverters for small wind turbine control systems, as well as automation solutions in agriculture, including both test and production types.

Developing the tailor-made solutions for Orbital’s customers, Converdan has been more a strategic partner than a supplier, according to the CEO of Orbital, Niels Hansen.

Converdan is extremely adaptable. We can always trust they will be there if we need them, and that they deliver the desired result”.

Scope of Converdan work

Fully designed by Converdan:


The project was kicked off in May 2014 and engineering samples delivered after 11 months. The collaboration between Orbital and Converdan has been close from the beginning.

“Converdan is more a strategic partner than a simple supplier. They develop and produce high-quality power electronics and are among the leaders in their field. Especially in the product development phase, Converdan is hugely strong and quick to grasp ideas and translate them into real products. I have never experienced faster product development while at the same time, the quality is top notch”.