Power Electronics for Green Energy Efficiency

Converdan A/S entered as a project partner in the Green Power Electronics project from March 2016 until February 2019. 

Our main focus was to design and build a pilot unit for E-mobility – a demonstrator unit of a high efficiency battery conditioner for high voltage electric vehicle battery stacks. 

The Green Power Electronics project was funded partly by the EU with EUR 2.4 million under the EU Interreg Baltic Sea Region programme.

Read more about the project at the official website: https://balticgreenpower.eu/


The Green PE project was funded by the Interreg Baltic Sea Region Programme 2014-2020 and ran from March 2016 until February 2019. It brought together 17 partners from research institutions, companies and technology transfer organisations across seven EU Member States with the aim of accelerating the market uptake of advanced power electronics (Advanced PE) by small and medium-sized enterprises in the Baltic Sea Region for conversion, transmission and consumption of energy.

Download the Green PE project flyer in English

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