What kind of animal would your company be? Converdan is a Gazelle!

Converdan named a "Gazelle Company" three years in a row. Speed and grace too?

Today Converdan celebrates being named a “Gazelle Company” by the Danish Business journal, “Børsen”.

Not for the first time, but for the third year in a row.

It’s a prestigious accolade given to fast-growing, agile companies like ours. Thanks to Børsen for the recognition, and to our talented, passionate staff, and our our ever-increasing number of loyal customers and business partners for making the hat-trick possible.

The gazelle is known as a swift-moving animal, but also for its grace. At Converdan we like to think that we express some grace through our excellent relations with our partners. We won’t ever let our rapid growth compromise our spirit”, says Thomas Slivsgaard, CEO at Converdan.

PASSION FOR POWER ELECTRONICS – and for inspiration from the natural world.

The requirements to become a “Børsen Gazelle” are tough. A Gazelle grows continuously and, at a minimum, doubles its revenue over four financial years, with positive growth throughout the years.