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How you want to cooperate with us, is primarily up to you.

At Converdan A/S we are a team of focused power electronics professionals with many years of experience between us. We are backed by very well equipped development, test and manufacturing facilities. Power electronics is a very multi-disciplinary field and we therefore cover a wide range of capabilities all of which are available in-house.

We offer our services in different ways, to match your requirements and needs better:

Platform based product development

Our unique technology platforms, based on generic hardware, converter control algorithms and software building blocks, that have been developed and refined over more than 10 years, allows us to develop products that matches your specific requirements, with a minimum of effort.

  • Very short time to market.
  • Very low project risks.
  • Field-proven and trusted technology.
  • Fully industrialized design from day-one ensures:
    • High product quality.
    • Optimized manufacturing.
    • Low or no requirements for specialized test and burn-in equipment.
    • Cross product pooling of component purchases yields lower prices, especially at low to medium volume.
  • Product lifecycle support at a fraction of the cost.
  • “Mix and match” selection of building blocks.
  • No “New technology development” is required to stay at the forefront of technology

Consulting services

Our consultants join your team within your organisation, solving specific project tasks or as a long-term strategic member of your team.

In-house projects

Converdan carries out full projects or individual tasks for customers at our own offices. We have lengthy experience in matching expectations precisely, and use proven project tools to achieve predictable project outcomes. Project tasks closely related to design for manufacturing and prototyping specifically, are optimum to carry out in-house.

Turnkey projects

Converdan carry out all project tasks and delivers a prototype or finished product as per our agreementccording to your wishes

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