Converdan team member Yamen’s research is published

Yamen Saad, Converdan Engineer

Converdan engineer Yamen Saad has had his university research published in an important paper, recently presented at EPE’20 ECCE Europe Lyon, France 2020.

Before joining the team at Converdan, Yamen finished his studies as electrical engineer with a master’s degree in Power Electronics and Drives. His master’s thesis: “Design and Optimization of EMI Filter for Interleaved PFC Converters” is now the basis of the paper “Differential Model EMI Filter Analysis for Interleaved Boost PFC Converters Considering Optimal Phase Shifting”. The paper was recently published by researchers at Department of Energy Technology, Aalborg University.

For high power applications, interleaved power factor correction (PFC) due to ripple cancellation effect on input current is becoming more and more common.

The paper provides a comprehensive investigation for the design of DM EMI filter for single-phase interleaved PFC, targeting minimized component size.

Experimental results from a 2 kW interleaved single-phase boost PFC converter validate the effectiveness of the proposed nonstandard phase shifting.

The paper is available via IEEE Xplore. Read more here.

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