Reliable Power Electronics Hardware

Converdan engineers are highly experienced in the design, qualification and testing of virtually any type of power electronics product, ranging from low power switch mode power supplies (SMPS) to high power UPS and inverter designs well into the MW range.

Therefore we can select the most appropriate circuit topologies; specify key passive components along with semiconductor type and technology selection through to thermal management techniques. Furthermore we make sure that everything fits perfectly with your needs and requirements.

PCB layout

The layout of printed circuit boards for power electronics products requires special engineering skills. Very often, power PCB’s are a blend of mechanically large components connected with wide copper tracks and sensitive measuring circuits using small SMD components – all placed on the same board.

The same applies to control and monitoring circuits, as often they are required to operate under high temperature conditions and significant electrical noise.

Verification & Testing

The successful completion of any power electronics development project requires the product to pass an extensive testing regime.

Converdan has in-house a wide range of test equipment for performance testing of frequency converters, inverters, battery charger, servo drives, solar inverters and most other power electronics products.

The pool of equipment includes motor/generator loads, regenerative AC and DC loads and AC voltage sources to simulate grid voltage etc.

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