Converter Control

Intelligent Converter Control Systems

High-performance control is a key element in most converter systems. 

Over ther years digital signal processor (DSP) techniques have emerged as a cost-effective solution to inverter control.

Powerful 16-bit and 32-bit DSPs in fixed or floating point modes often incorporate all the necessary circuitry required by power electronics applications such as: PWM channels, A/D converters, CAN interfaces, internal and/or external memory, serial ports, event timers, and encoder interfaces.

Digital Signal Processor (DSPs)

We often prefer to use Microchip dsPIC controllers for low complexity designs and the broad range of Texas Instruments DSPs for more demanding applications.


Modelling and simulation

We have many years of experience in modelling and simulating with passive components, motors/generators, power electronics devices and their associated control systems.

We prefer to use PLECS® for this purpose, because of its capabilities with multi domain simulation and integrating C-script and processor-in-the-loop capabilities into the simulation.

Simulating using the actual C-files for the SW implementation, makes the simulation results correlate extremely well with real life measurements, which allows us to quickly evaluate all aspects of a complete converter system and tune its behaviour at an early stage in the design.

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