Power Supplies

The power supply is a “need to have” part of practically all electronics systems. However, it often does not get the attentions of the system designer it deserves, and it is routinely left until late in the design program for two main reasons. First, nobody wants to touch it because everybody prefer to design circuits that are more exciting. Secondly, bench power supplies provide all the necessary power during the system debugging stage and it is not until the product is at late stage that one says; “Oops, we forgot to design the power supply!” In addition, rarely do engineers have a background in power electronics, and often have in-sufficient experience in power supply design along with very little time to learn before the planned product launch.

We have extensive knowledge and experience with switch mode (SMPS) and linear power supply designs, among others:

  • Non-isolated DC/DC (buck, boost and flyback topologies).
  • Isolated off-line supplies (flyback and buck derived).
  • High power supplies.
  • High voltage input (up to 1500V DC) supplies.
  • Special purpose DC/DC.
  • Battery chargers.
  • Phase sifted H-bridge.
  • Resonant power supplies
  • High reliability supplies.
  • Precision and low noise supplies.
  • Low cost designs.
  • Active and passive snubber designs.
  • EMC compliant designs.

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