Converdan is your full-service partner when you wish to take a customised power electronics product from concept to in-stock inventory. We have equal expertise in product design, manufacture and product lifetime support. The clear advantage of using all of Converdan’s capabilities is the seamless flow from concept to finished products: no delays or glitches between prototypes and manufacture, just faster-to-market and right first-time.

Product development

Power Electronics R&D

We hand-pick the best talent in the field of power electronics R&D, and continuously train and grow our staff’s abilities to give clients the best new ideas, technologies and components.

We are experts all the way from 1 watt switch mode powers supplies and motor controllers to high power uninterruptible power supplies and inverters in the megawatt range, each designed for high efficiency and environmental soundness.

This expertise is critical. Power electronics design has many pitfalls for good electronics engineers whose speciality is elsewhere.

Converdan’s huge experience in EV Charging, Energy Storage and other industry sectors is your insurance against launch delays, product recalls and product liability problems.

Converdan Product development, Hardware

We are experts within:

  • Hardware
  • Converter Control
  • Software
  • Mechanics
  • EMC & Saftey
  • Project Management


When it’s time to deliver finished products, our customers can leverage Converdan’s outstanding expertise in world class power electronics manufacturing.

We are equipped to make PCBs with SMT component placement and final box-build – the last being a critical and specialised area of expertise for power electronics. 

It often means large boards with heavy power components and demanding mechanical, environmental, thermal and safety considerations. This is work for specialists, and Converdan invests in state-of-the art equipment, and the right people.

We handle embedded programming and testing in-house. Our manufacturing capabilities range from custom, low volume applications to multi-year high volume OEM scale production, all planned for a secure supply-chain and delivery on-time.

Power Electronics Design & Manufacture - Converdan A/S

Our production facitilies includes:

  • PCB Assembly
  • Box Build Assembly
  • Panel Shop
  • Test & Burn-in
  • Repair & Rework